Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cosmic Fate

I was at my girlfriends house and needed a band aid, they were clean out of EVERY single kind of band aid you can imagine except for her little sisters hello kitty brand band aids.
some time goes by, I'm at her house again and decide to take off the band aid, I was in bed, Languid, apathetic, I decided I would throw the band aid on the floor and pick it up and throw it away at a later undecided time. I forgot, what ever, I wasn't even THINKING about the band aid, That was until later at school - I noticed on my shoe...I looked down, and there it was, the pink, grimey and ugly little thing. Somehow I had picked it back up with my own pair of shoes. (which were the ones i seldom wore) nonchalant, I peeled it up, and discarded it on the floor, thinking I had gotten away with not having to dispose of it properly myself yet again. The whole day, and evening went by, around the stroke of midnight - I was in my bedroom, stoned, when i noticed my shoes, one curiously upturned, and there it was - the pink hello kitty brand band aid. Cosmic fate tied the band aid to me - and made SURE that i would take responsibility for it. Also - I have this other theory that maybe my DNA was trying to run back to me like the liquid metal terminator.